Hindi cinema

The Shashi Mystique

Jai Arjun Singh

This anecdotal biography charts the evolution of India’s first crossover star

Multiplex Cinema: Being Middlebrowbeaten

What the new multiplex cinema says about the modern India

Juhi Chaturvedi: Scene Stealer

If the Hindi film industry is witnessing a wave of intelligent cinema for the masses, Chaturvedi is at its forefront

Swara Bhaskar: ‘I’m an Impulsive Wreck’

Swara Bhaskar has always chosen roles that defy stereotypes

The New Family Picture

Mainstream Hindi cinema is slowly moving from a mythical gear to a more novelistic one where the families portrayed are less adarsh and more authentic

Slacker Comedy at its Best

How Sulemani Keeda takes a wonderfully angular look at Bollywood

Good to be Home

Westernised gloss gives way to some Indian reality

My Wife’s an Actress

This book on the rebels of Hindi cinema, the women who crossed into a forbidden zone, probes their minds too sparsely.

Billboard Blockbusters

A book on the painted posters and hoardings that lured Indian masses into cinema theatres reminds Kiran Nagarkar how essential they were to the spread of the gospel of Bollywood.


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