Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump: Beware the King of Crazytown

James Astill

The Donald Trump presidency is pure circus. India should be realistic in its expectations

A Permanent Struggle

Freedom requires sobering storytellers of the nation

Mumbai Notebook

The callous response to a farmers' march and the ifs and buts of Hillary's loss

Can Trump Be Dumped?

On the first anniversary of his presidency, speculation about the state of Donald Trump’s mental health is leading to some wishful thinking about the chances of removing him

Populism and ‘Covfefe’ Politics

What the word that shook the world tells about Donald Trump and his tribe

Welcome to Trumpistan

Get ready for a wild ride with the new leader of the free world

Why White America is Breaking Bad

Revolutions are made by those with something to lose

Open Diary

The lack of intellectual diversity in English media

Trumped in Europe

Alarmed and inspired by America’s choice

Trump and the American Dream 2016

The newest fairytale of democracy carries within it the ominous iconography of change


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