Haute Hijab

Lhendup G Bhutia

When It’s a Fashion Statement

France Shows the Way

From the 2011 veil ban law to the recent senate vote on the hijab, the French remain institutionally and instinctively committed to laïcité, the original model of secularism

The Rage of the Campus Front

Behind the mysterious appeal of the student arm of the Popular Front of India lies its aggressive posturing and the fear it evokes

Of a Uniform Dress Code

When Individual Interest Must Yield To Institutional Interest

‘There is a conspiracy to prevent Muslim girls from accessing mainstream education’

The minister of minority affairs speaks to Rajeev Deshpande on the hijab controversy, calling it

They Have Come a Long Way

Muslim girls and women have made significant progress in education and skill development that must be protected from the noisy politics of the hijab

Shah Bano 2.0

The hijab controversy can take the country into dangerous territory but, unlike the 1980s, it will not take people years to grasp its import

What the Headscarf Reveals

Reading Orhan Pamuk's Snow in the time of hijab politics

Behind the Veil

On the refusal of education to Muslim girls wearing hijab in Karnataka


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