The Beer Hug

Moinak Mitra

A new crop of entrepreneurs creates a level playing field for craft beer in India

At Home

A  journey after the Bangladesh War

Divided Destiny

Do policies reflect social inequalities?

Lecoanet Hemant: A Class Apart

Women in their clothes exude cutting-edge sophistication. The beautiful partnership of Lecoanet Hemant (Photos: Rohit Chawla)

Shanker Raman: ‘I am interested in stories about nobodies’

Cinematographer Shanker Raman turns director with a socially conscious crime thriller

Status Anxiety

Diksha Basu creates a comedy of manners set in Delhi

Himmat Shah: In Soulful Solitude

Himmat Shah and the joy of being detached

Subodh Gupta: Still Cooking the World

There’s no dearth of ideas in Subodh Gupta’s studio. There is always activity, a leaping forward in terms of material and scale

Call centre: Mock, Mock! Who’s Calling?

The ironies of outsourcing and the aspirations of an individual working at a call centre

The Day of the Pawn

Gobind Sharma runs a dhaba in Gurgaon. But when the clock strikes four, he becomes a master chess player


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