Modi’s Muslim Fans

Dhirendra K Jha

They do exist. And have been growing more vocal by the day. What this says about a minority that has been under pressure in Gujarat

What Happened to Rajdharma?

Modi’s best possible defence, much like the Congress’ in 1984, still leaves him complicit in mass murder

Living with Lions

Maldharis, the last human inhabitants of Gir forest, are justifiably proud of their coexistence with big cats. But these tribals may not be around in the forest for much longer

Keeping Anna in Check

Agnivesh says Hazare will visit Gujarat and issue a fresh statement at a public rally

What about Mr Modi?

In a season of corporate crime, it is time to junk ‘growth’ as an excuse for mass murder

Why Money Loves Modi

...and why he still can’t make it work for him in national politics

Modi’s Troubles at Home

If the Gujarat CM has watched the arrest of his deputy home minister with a sense of personal injury and alarm, it’s not without reason.

Mystic Movement

After the dark days of the Gujarat riots, there came a glimmer in Shabnam Virmani’s discovery of the diverse social landscape that the poet Kabir still inhabits.

Man in the Mask

Narendra Modi is a man of few words, but he chooses them well to fabricate his vision of a Hindu society and ignore uncomfortable realities

Shadowy Evidence

As the country now investigates Narendra Modi’s role in Gujarat’s ‘communal riots’ of 2002, a rumoured late-night meeting holds the key.


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