Grand ideas for a greener world

Jay Mazoomdaar

Environmentalism is often an expendable cause to a majority that fears economic oppression by a minority with delusions of saving the earth. But we need not take sides. From corporations striving to harness massive wind power along the Atlantic Coast, to the Herculean trash collectors of the Pacific; from a cross-country initiative to save the vibrant Mekong river basin, to modern China embarking on another, greener Great Wall, five exciting and ambitious projects show how all of us have an incentive to shape the future rather than fight it

Don’t Miss the Woods

…for the trees. A startup called Afforestt shows how

Have Laws, Will Flout

To fast-track reforms, India’s Prime Minister apparently wants to bulldoze green clearance barriers

The Thing About Trendy Green

10 popular panaceas that promise to revive our ecologically bankrupt planet. But can they ever deliver?

The Difficulty of Being a Green Spouse

Sneaking wrappers in without his knowledge, missing him desperately during pregnancy because he wouldn’t take a flight, the carbon guilt of owning a Scooty, and other survival tales of an environmentalist’s wife


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