Confessions of a Government Committee Member


“The Government appoints the committee and then dismisses the findings. It does not have the guts to admit its mistakes. Why appoint committees then?”


Grant Pranab Mukherjee this. His Budget for 2009-10 gives UPA-2 a sound if unflamboyant start, with much strokeplay left to come

UPA’s Twenty20 Governance

The UPA has been given an opportunity to fulfill a billion hopes. Yet, the Centre has created unnecessary pressure on itself by declaring a 100-day deadline

Dam Worries

Water is a resource Gujarat would have been flooded with had the Narmada project gone by plan. Instead, the state remains parched and farmers watch helplessly as reserves flow out to sea. It’s a story of alarming apathy

The Real Drama Backstage

The hustings are over, but the action has just begun as political parties embark on negotiations for government formation. It’s deal time and here are the dealmakers


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