Goa’s Reigning Mafiosi

Sudeep Chakravarti

There is no mistaking Russian muscle in this tourist heaven, but the presiding bad guys are decidedly Goan

For a King’s Breakfast

Fellow Goa holidayers, unite! There’s plenty to lose if this fine Goan beer is pushed over by bigger players and other bullies that are kicking sand in its face.

A True Test of the Will to Survive

Triathlons test to the limit an athlete’s will to finish the race. Soon you too can race with some of the best triathletes, in the sun and sands of Goa.

Zen by the Mandovi

One Goa port-soaked afternoon, I signed up for karate lessons and my daughter sniggered. A year later, as I scales walls Crouching Tiger style to save stranded cats, I’m the ‘cool’ dad.

Uncivil Lines

Sex, Goa, wild elephants and last but not the least, Khushwant Singh in his element. These are just some of the features that give this anthology a quixotic, rogue appeal.

The House Doesn’t Always Win

Goa had the right idea about casino tourism until a series of killjoy measures came to spoil the party.

Eyes Don’t Lie

By an uncanny coincidence, both Prabuddha Dasgupta and his former protégé Bharat Sikka focused their cameras on Goa for their latest photo exhibitions. But while Dasgupta discovers a community teetering in cultural limbo, Sikka finds a very rooted place.

The Goa State of Mind

Murders and bomb blasts, it seems, can do little to jolt this sunny state out of its complacency. Such is life here.


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