Maya Jasanoff: The World Is What It Was

Nandini Nair

Maya Jasanoff uses Joseph Conrad as a guide to globalisation in the modern world. The historian in conversation with Nandini Nair

Hope Against Hope

Life stories of young Indians offer insights into how eagerly they want to join the globalised world

Kamila Shamsie: The Migrant as a Metaphor

A new novel by Kamila Shamsie explores the process of belonging

The Arc of Optimism

Two books that show the danger of making extreme, and often ideological, assumptions in economics


Power and Pelf

Ten accidental globalists who were driven by the idea of conquest

David Goodhart

‘I have a clearer eye for the limits and contradictions of modern liberalism and its arrogance.’

The French Resolution

Europe may avoid a nervous breakdown as a neophyte globalist is likely to win the Elysee Palace in the final round. But how long can France resist the populist?

Amartya Sen: ‘There’s a sense of fear in India today’

Amartya Sen in conversation with Aresh Shirali. Photographs by Rohit Chawla

Colin Khoury: ‘We are all beneficiaries of ancient farmers in far-flung lands’

Colin Khoury, the author of  Origins of Food Crops Connect Countries Worldwide spoke to Open about the journey of foods and how globalization has given a spurt to it


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