Who’s Afraid of Dance Bars?

Lhendup G Bhutia

No matter how often the courts decide in favour of dance bars, the Maharashtra government will not let them operate

Genital Mutilation: A Painful Tradition

Is it genital mutilation? A debate rages on a controversial Bohra practice

Home Truths

Muzaffarpur casts a shadow over shelter homes

Tragedy of the Girl Child

Will men ever change? India cries out for a transition from ‘beti bachao’ to ‘beta sikhao’

Body Guides

An entire generation of girls now define themselves by how active (or not) they are sexually

A Girl Like Me

Resisting a lifetime of lessons, I take ownership of myself

Barcelona: 1; Ignorance: 0

A Spanish football club is running a school in Andhra Pradesh to educate children and spot sporting talent


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