It’s a Date, Period

Nikita Doval

A public calendar is breaking the silence around menstruation in rural Haryana

Who’s Afraid of Dance Bars?

No matter how often the courts decide in favour of dance bars, the Maharashtra government will not let them operate

Genital Mutilation: A Painful Tradition

Is it genital mutilation? A debate rages on a controversial Bohra practice

Home Truths

Muzaffarpur casts a shadow over shelter homes

Tragedy of the Girl Child

Will men ever change? India cries out for a transition from ‘beti bachao’ to ‘beta sikhao’

Body Guides

An entire generation of girls now define themselves by how active (or not) they are sexually

A Girl Like Me

Resisting a lifetime of lessons, I take ownership of myself

Barcelona: 1; Ignorance: 0

A Spanish football club is running a school in Andhra Pradesh to educate children and spot sporting talent


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