G20 meeting

The World Comes to the Valley

Rajeev Deshpande

A major international event like the G20 meeting in Srinagar showcases Kashmir’s changing reality and acts as a diplomatic snub to Pakistan

PM Modi to launch major green initiatives at G20 meet

The meeting of the group on energy transition in Bengaluru will see launch of E 20 ethanol blended fuel, fabric from PET bottles and a green vehicle rally

Narendra Modi: Staying Home

The state challenges will require Modi’s attention as BJP’s campaigner-in-chief and poll mascot

What Sets Modi Apart

Darers, dreamers, redeemers and the damned in global leadership

The Indian Imprint on G20

There is a determination on the part of the Indian government to ensure there are clear deliverables on a long list of to-do items

India calls for pragmatic, effective action to repatriate fugitive economic offenders

Meeting of G20 sherpas discusses need to close loopholes that allow fugitives to abuse legal processes and evade the law

Tech, trade, food security, anti-graft action on G20 table

Building resilience in the global economy and use of technology in governance and fighting crime are on the agenda of the concluding day of the sherpas meeting today

End Ukraine war to ease the pain of world economies, feel G 20 sherpas

First meeting of sherpas hosted by India saw near unanimity on the need to end the conflict that is taking a heavy toll of millions of lives in poor nations


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