freedom fighter

Gandhi vs Savarkar

Makarand R Paranjape

Indians can learn the art of living from their lonely deaths

A Final Homecoming for Bose

The Japanese government was anxious to return Netaji’s ashes to India, but it became impossible for India to bring them back because of the refusal of his friends and admirers to accept that he was no more

Protest and the Mahatma

Don't drag his name into electoral battles

Apostle of the Active Citizen

Why the social vision of Mahadev Govind Ranade is all too important today

The Last Freedom Rider

The civil rights icon was a true Gandhian. A personal tribute

Bangladesh Hits a 1971 Squall

The government is forced to withdraw a list of razakars after the names of many freedom fighters made their way into it

In search of the real Savarkar

The making of a revolutionary


A personal history of freedom | Living with memory and legacy

Tushar Gandhi: Under Bapu’s Shadow

Internalising Mahatma Gandhi's ideas requires a constant study of the man, his quirks, about-turns, strategies and management techniques, says his great-grandson Tushar Gandhi, who undertook a study of the great man's works after an unsuccessful stint in politics


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