free speech

The One-Way Liberal Street

PR Ramesh

Is the silence of vocal defenders of free speech in the Nupur Sharma case encouraging Islamists to demand a blasphemy law in India?

Offence: A Brief History

Any perceived criticism of figures of veneration has been a no-go zone for at least a century

Why Is Twitter Afraid of Elon Musk?

Free speech and the paranoid social(ist) media

Elon Musk: The Disruptor

Will he reinvent social media after becoming the biggest shareholder of Twitter?

The Free Speech Question

When the court stuck to its guns

An Epic Plea For Sovereign Words

When free speech is not an idealised abstraction but a practical pursuit. A user's guide by Timothy Garton Ash

Is Nothing Sacred?

The limits and indispensability of free speech in the age of social media

The Moving Bull’s Eye

The now-revoked State ban on Viswaroopam was about legal subterfuge, which has a far-reaching ‘chilling effect’


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