Magical Marketing

Dr Ambrish Mithal

The truth about fish oil capsules and apple cider vinegar

Alain Passard: In His Elements

For Alain Passard, it is all about earth and water, air and fire. The iconic French chef talks about his culinary journey in a conversation with Nandini Nair

The Enduring Food Fantasy

A good cookbook does more than just offer recipes or re-create lost worlds

Mother’s Kitchen

Tracing the taste of Lucknow to the ancestral history of a dutiful daughter

Open Diary

A Rajya Sabha speech that wasn't made, the festive spirit, and the world's best mango chutney

Indebted to Pleasure

We now break more food boundaries for the pure joy of it

Body Politics

The many paradoxes of food and shame

Be a Case Study on a Plate

My diet is now curated by science—and I’m happy

The Taste in Memory

Modern day tasting menus make us long for festival food

Between Fiction and Food

Society and cultural identity in the culinary experience of regional imagination


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