fine dining

Robo Chef

Lhendup G Bhutia

It can whip out a crispy dosa or make you a fiery chicken masala. And it will never ask you for a raise

The Year of Dining In

The rule of the home kitchen

Spirit of the Times

You have to be n it for the long run. It takes years for fine wines to improve in quality and price. Whisky too can be an investment possibility but for that you will have to look abroad for advice

The Inheritance of Taste

The pleasures of feasting on food memoirs

Deepinder Goyal, 34, Founder & CEO, Zomato

‘Good things happen even during the worst days,’ says Deepinder Goyal

Meat Is the New Black

The newfound meat fetishism of well-heeled Indians reflects their desire to be seen as jetsetting bon vivants with a discriminating palate.

Savour the Spread

Drool alert: plush standalone eateries in the metros are making the once-humble buffet much hipper than it ever was.


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