Fifa World Cup

‘There Will Always Be Only One Pelé’

Boria Majumdar

Remembering a conversation with the late football legend in Kolkata

Pele put his arm around me and asked his assistant to take a photo

An Indian journalist recalls that distant moment in 2003 at the Copenhagen waterfront that he still believes is nothing short of a miracle

Seeking Pelé in Kolkata

The city’s enduring love affair with Brazil

Catharsis In Qatar

The FIFA World Cup in the Gulf nation will mark a spectacular finale to the year

Simon Kuper: “It is almost impossible for India to stay as bad as it is in footballl”

Ullekh NP in Open conversation with Simon Kuper, author and columnist

Golden Bleus

The many shades of France during their World Cup-winning run

Under the Chequered Flag

Croatia's fairytale World Cup campaign ends with broken hearts

Tennis in the Time of Football Fever

Even on break day in Moscow, World Cup reruns score over Wimbledon semi-finals

Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye

England's campaign in Russia will be remembered for good reasons and bad

Open Diary

Football fever in Europe


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