Rajan’s Symphony No 0.5 in Alpha Major

Aresh Shirali

The sforzando of Raghuram Rajan’s music is his half a percentage point rate cut, a dramatic easing of credit that could be just the stimulus India’s economy needs

Can India become the industrial hub of the world?

An aggressive global marketing campaign may help Modi realise his dream plan

The contentious Insurance Bill

The amendment is expected to bring foreign investment to the tune of Rs 23,000 crore for the private sector.

Idea 1

An end to xenophobia

Click Here for an E-Commerce Debate

Internet sales are expanding rapidly in India. Should foreign players be allowed entry?

Colour of the Cash

What matters is the quality of work, not the source of NGO funds

Foreign Funding of NGOs

Should FDI in India’s thinktank sector worry us? It is a debate long overdue

The Cold Chain Challenge

The good news: retail FDI is likely to boost the country’s back-end infrastructure for food items

Who’s Afraid of Wal-Mart Wolf?

Foreign mega-retailers are likely to do the country more good than bad

Open For Business, No Matter What

By attracting dollars, this move could help steady the rupee and keep India away from a balance-of- payments crisis


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