The Newborn Dad

Lhendup G Bhutia

How the pandemic is changing the role of man

Karan Johar: “I am not here to be your favourite filmmaker”

From films to fatherhood, seeking love to breaking boundaries, Karan Johar tells Divya Unny about the year that went by and his hopes for 2019

Why Fatherhood Means Less Sex

A new study finds that becoming a dad lowers one’s testosterone level

Jhunjhunwala’s Real Bull Run

It took 17 years for him to become a father and it beat anything that all his thousands of crores could buy.

The Missing Parent

A child custody battle naturally goes in favour of the mother. But is this always fair to the father?

Papas Don’t Play

The impending fatherhood of Federer and the general fate of champions after they become fathers


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