What the Stars Are Foretold

Aastha Atray Banan

If Anaita Shroff Adajania and Niharika Khan get to tell Hrithik Roshan or Vidya Balan what to wear (and what not), there’s a good reason. They are Bollywood stylists

Paris Still Rules

French stylists have broken away from run-of-the-mill fashion—and how

“If Something Slips off, Call Me”

Impressions of a fly on the wall at the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai

After School

Believe-it-or-not moments from the first India Kids Fashion Week

Confessions of a fashion stylist

“Tamara Moss looks amazing, but she’s painful to work with. Joey Matthews is not in shape. Jesse Randhawa should give up”

City of Echoes

Forget anything subversive, or even original. Almost everything they call ‘high street fashion’ in Mumbai is borrowed

No Fashion for the Plus Size

Large women looking to be trendy deserve better than the oversized tents on offer in India

The Ascent of Flip-flops

From the bathroom to the fashion runway and beyond

Confessions of an Upcoming Model

“One night, the Chennai-based model coordinator who boasted of Bollywood contacts called with the offer of a holiday with him”

Confessions of a Fashion Photographer

“A film star may not always look great or be in a good mood. It’s up to the photographer to use lighting, make-up to ensure the shot looks great.”


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