Rooting for the Rooters

Boria Majumdar

Give fans what they want and they will help Indian football

Curtain Call in Kazan

Aditya Iyer writes from the city where Muscovites come to smile

An End, A Beginning

Russian football fans dare to dream after their team’s fulfilling World Cup campaign

A Carriage of Shattered Dreams

A 16-hour train ride in Russia with grieving football fans

Messi In Malappuram

The World Cup in Kerala is an emotional thriller and an intimate parody

Confessions of a Football Hooligan

The emotional hurt of supporting England and other acts of violence

What Are We Doing There?

With no dog in the fight, Indians still travel the world to see the Cup

The Boredom of Crowds

Even Salman Khan’s fans have a tolerance limit

Movie Review: Fan

Just another exercise in narcissism

Star Wars: Attack of the Tweets

Anonymous tweeters are taking the mickey out of superstars like Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.


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