Akhil Sharma: ‘I am an Immigrant’

Nandini Nair

Akhil Sharma takes his readers into the core of human experience

Being Mortal

Sheryl Sandberg’s guide on coping with loss and how to be a better friend

All About Family Values

When movie mothers are no longer saintly widows in white saris

Salma Hayek: ‘It’s lovely to fall in love’

Salma Hayek on family, films and fashion


In a drought-stricken village near Mumbai, men marry a second—sometimes even a third—woman whose only role is to fetch water for the family

Dominance and Marriage

A partnership based on equality is less effective than one that has a dominant partner

The family woes of Rahul Gandhi

Why the prospects of the Congress’ fifth-generation dynastic gamble hang by a slender thread

The Dear Missing

The loneliness of families whose loved ones are lost

The Unending Trial of Asha Bhosle

…and how Fate couldn’t have chosen a sterner adversary

Joseph, No Last Name

His birth certificate read ‘Joseph, no last name given’. An American couple adopted him; 32 years later, AJ Bryant returns to District Three Hospital in Kottayam where the mother he’s never met gave him birth


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