One Nation, One Law

Rajeev Deshpande

Uttarakhand’s uniform civil code aims to introduce the same provisions for marriage, divorce and succession for all communities and reduce the divisiveness inherent in different personal laws

Cosmic Chaos

Two sisters learn about family and belonging in the belly of a fantasy whale

The Tides of Terai

A family’s search for happiness on the India-Nepal border

Role Moral

Effortlessly shuttling between romance and rage

A Matter of Marcos

The scion of a notorious dynasty brings his family full circle

Mum Is the Word

An extraordinary novel on toxic relationships in a family

Searching For Home

Jahnavi Barua’s novel delves into the complexities of familial bonds in strife-ridden Assam

Mothers and Daughters

A different kind of family saga

A Beautiful Mind

A gifted teenager, fuelled by intellectual energy, reveals unsaid inner truths

Self-Injectable Contraceptives: A Liberating Shot

The next big thing for family planning: self-injectable contraceptives for Indian women


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