Facebook’s Fee


Mark Zuckerberg set a fee of $100 for those who want to message him

The Man Who Wants to Sue Facebook

Raymond Bechard has been campaigning to keep the social networking site free of child pornography

Section 66A of the IT Act

This year, there have been three well-known arrests under this Section

Hazards of Spying

It has been found that stalking an ex-lover on Facebook impedes one’s emotional recovery

Sleepless on Facebook

The nocturnal gathering of insomniacs on a social networking site

Facebook’s First Lady

Chan first met Zuckerberg at a party in 2003, when they were both standing in line for the bathroom


The deal was described as one for a company ‘with lots of buzz but no business model’

Your Privacy as Bargaining Chip

On our schizoid relationship with the social web

India’s Own Jasmin Revolution

It took a suicide and the Facebook account of a man named Jasmin to set it off. Within five months, it saw 164,000 nurses rallying online—thousands of them in actual hospitals too—for better work conditions

F1: Ways of Seeing

What two people—an avid fan and a semi-ignorant reluctant follower—experience when they are part of the same audience watching the same race


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