Strangers on our List

Sandipan Deb

Collecting ‘friends’ on Facebook with whom we have nothing left to share.

Silent Activism

Do you take part in online activism to make a difference, or does it just show your indifference?

Ultimately It’s Black

Faced with too many common folk clogging everything up, the social networking site Facebook went exclusive with a snazzy new version—only by invitation.

Surviving the Web

Just because your kids are on the computer at home, they’re not out of harm. Short of a Facebook ban, this is how you can keep them safe.

Confessions of a FarmVille Addict

How work, leisure and aliens called Nofs get in the way of a cyberfarmer devoted to his land.

India This Week

CPM’s war against the media; A big blow to Naxals; University for the disabled; BJP’s Facebook face-off; and DMK’s poll booty for terrorists

The Furious Phase of Facebook Friendships

Everybody is everybody’s pal and having 500 friends is routine. But who are these strangers sitting smugly on your friends’ list?

The Facebook Bait

The biggest of ideas can emerge from the smallest of desires. In the case of Facebook, it was about a geek who wanted to be popular with the girls.


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