E-motional Affairs

Sonali Acharjee

Or: Love in the time of Facebook


The Supreme Court has killed a law that allowed the Government to control social media. What’s the Net worth of freedom hereafter?

Ello, the all new ‘private’ social networking website

The sudden interest in Ello might be caused by a Facebook crackdown on drag queens in San Francisco for not using real names

Me, you and everyone we know—on Facebook

Are there any private moments left for us?

Facebook’s Virtual Reality Acquisition

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes virtual reality will be the next big digital platform after mobile phones

Like it or not, you can buy it

Shopping in the black market of social media

The Prison Social Network

Undertrials of an infamous political murder case in Kerala are found active on Facebook in jail

An Imperfect Egg

In today’s world of open source and Facebook, everyone curates and everything is curated. But does this mean that ‘anything goes’?

The Online Life of Kids

…and what cybercrime experts have to say about it

Facebook to Bhaktbook

A Hindu devotional song calls out to Facebookers seen as sinners in need of redemption


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