Forever Frankenstein

Madhavankutty Pillai

Two hundred years after Mary Shelly’s monster, man still plays god

Weaving a Legacy

Celebrating the role of Martand Singh in India’s textile tradition

In the Beginning Is Me

Anju Dodiya creates multiple narratives of the self

Homeward Bound

Manohar Shetty’s confessional poems are responses to domesticity and the charms of Goa. The poet in conversation with Urvashi Bahuguna

Folk Theorems

Tribal art gets mainstream status in the marketplace

Reena Kallat: Trapped in Hyphens

Reena Kallat is continuously re-imagining existing bodies of work to unravel their many possible permutations and combinations

Sudhir Patwardhan: An Artist Every Day

Sudhir Patwardhan’s works draw their immediacy from the memories of the city

Fire and Earth

Nalini Malani and Jayashree Chakravarty go to Paris, heralding the international triumph of Indian women artists

India Re-Hyphenated

Seventy stages of freedom

Maya Krishna Rao: The Argumentative Actor

Maya Krishna Rao is a solo act in the theatre of protest


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