Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Social Capitalist


Her extraordinary story of an aspiring brewer-turned-pharma queen unravels in an authorised biography

The Romance of the First Million

S Prasannarajan • Bibek Debroy • PR Ramesh • Siddharth Singh • Ullekh NP • V Shoba • Lhendup G Bhutia •Aanchal Bansal • Sonali Acharjee • Haima Deshpande • Kumar Anshuman • Amay Hattangadi and Swanand Kelkar

The Romance of the First Million

Ten young entrepreneurs relive the thrill of starting up

Preeta Sukhtankar, Founder & CEO, The Label Life

‘Better not to be a rebel in today’s startup ecosystem’

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder & CEO, OYO Rooms

‘Start early. You will make mistakes and learn early’

Deepak Ravindran, Founder & CEO, Lookup

‘There is a 99 per cent chance that a startup will fail. Plan for the 1 per cent’

Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo

‘Build big or go broke. Aim for nothing less than world domination’

The Invisible Hand of the Startup Economy

With disruptive business models, new generation e-commerce entrepreneurs are changing Indian society in multiple ways

Rajiv Srivatsa, Co-Founder & COO, Urban Ladder

‘The one resource not to be taken for granted is time’

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder & CEO, Paytm

‘My mother thought I am in business because I couldn’t get a job’


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