Wizard of the Serio-Comic

Rajni George

Novelist Upamanyu Chatterjee is the master of Indian cool. In his latest, Fairy Tales at Fifty, he pushes his limits in a bleak tale of modern Indian anguish. The writer in conversation with Open magazine

The English Non Goddess

The outrage Rajnath Singh’s statement on English has evoked shows our genius at turning slavery into a virtue

The Cult of the English Shirt

With Thomas Pink entering the Indian market, English shirts have made a comeback in fashion talk

The Madrassa Englishwalas

At Markazul Ma’arif, madrassa students are taught English with the aid of books by authors like Ted Hughes and Khushwant Singh

English Vinglish

It’s great to have Sridevi back on screen after such a long gap

Where’s the Great Indian Novel?

A novel written in English can never really become a ‘Great Indian Novel’. Such a book in English can only be a translation of an Indian novel, rather than one originally written even in His Salmanness’ sparkling prose

Operation Mind Your Language

English grammar books in hand, young Afghans are in India to prepare their next generation for the linguistic challenge that comes with fighting a global war on terror.

Jai Angrezi Devi Maiyya Ki

Can the enshrinement of English as a goddess help Dalits overcome their hardships? Good question.

Kapil’s Kaplish

Kapil Dev, without any struggle, has got complete independence from the rules of the English language

Critical Condition

Last fortnight, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra was nominated for the chair of Professor of Poetry at Oxford. Here, he lambastes English literary sensibility in India


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