Ashes 2015: Dust to Dust

James Astill

A thrilling and unexpected series victory for England in the Ashes of 2015 points to a troubling cultural change in world cricket


Most teams are not as good or bad as their record suggests

England’s Urination Scandal

When even Shane Warne wags a finger in disapproval, you must have done something truly naughty

Race to the Bottom

India’s bitter humiliation in England raises serious questions about the priorities of our cricketing establishment

On the Road with Kapil’s Devils

One of the few Indian journalists to have covered the 1983 World Cup recalls the campaign that changed cricket

It Was a Classic

Germany’s 4-1 defeat of England at the World Cup, despite the refereeing controversy, will be a match long remembered.

Ecstasy and Agony

The author visits pubs at Oxford to catch the euphoria and the heartbreak of the English football-crazy fan.

Robin Hood

A prequel to the legend, but with Russell Crowe miscast as the witty and lovable thug.

Racist Recruit

Rajinder Singh is a retired school teacher who migrated to the UK in 1967 and ironically started supporting a party that demanded the forcible repatriation of all non-Europeans. Now, he is about to go down in history as the first non-White mascot of the British National Party.

Old Foe Returns

The relationship between Indians and the short-pitched delivery has not improved


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