election campaign

Stringent Restrictions

Swapan Dasgupta

To ensure elections were sanitised beyond recognition

The Shaky Citadel

Is Brand KCR taking a hit with Congress closing in? Open reports from Telangana

DM from PM

BJP maximises the power of short videos in its social media campaign

Music, Lyrics and Politics

Chasing the soundtrack of the election

Where Politics Is Passion

The trick in an election is to balance the national appeal with local faces. Language matters, and often doesn’t matter

Doctor on Call

His Master’s Voice | Less Colour | Spy Game | Shooting Star | Voice Protection | No to Bengal | Aurobindo Connection | Enter Computer Baba

Amit Shah: ‘Nationalism should be the main issue in every election’

Between flights to multiple states, rallies, roadshows and relentless phone calls, Amit Shah tells PR Ramesh why the BJP will return to power in Delhi

No Full Stops for Amit Shah

Up in the air playing with numbers in the privacy of a chartered flight or among the swelling legion of followers on the ground, Amit Shah has only one mission in life: Modi in power. On the campaign trail with the tireless BJP president

Chandrababu Naidu: ‘I am not an aspirant for any post’

When Deve Gowda called Naidu the prime minister before saying ‘would-be prime minister’


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