Mumbai Notebook

Anil Dharker

The media frenzy over a bariatric surgery

Totem and Triumphalism

Today we do not know if we are eating food, or if the food we eat is, in fact, eating us

Battle for the Headscarf

One woman’s defiance of Turkey’s secularist dress code

Olga Gray, Indian Comrades and Other Such Thrills

Why didn’t they fire poison darts at Nasser? The first book based on declassified British Intelligence is a romp through the secret chambers of the Cold War

Going places

From Sri Lanka to Egypt to Thailand and to our own Kerala and Lakshwadeep

Perpetual Revolution

With Morsi’s ouster, Egypt’s democracy project is in flux again

Death on the Nile

Egypt’s date with democracy still looks faint on the horizon

The Chance Revolutionary

The Egyptian Revolution through the eyes of a 22-year-old who suddenly found herself part of an uprising that toppled a 30-year-old dictatorship

The Fragile Future of Egypt

Cries for freedom are welcome, but will Islamist forces allow true democracy in the Arab world?

The ‘Regime’ Egyptians Really Want

A Pew Research survey in mid-2010 examined Egyptian Muslims’ views on politics and the role Islam should play in it. The findings are revealing.


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