economic reforms

The Indian Rate of Reform

Siddharth Singh

Establishing a new business, choosing what to consume and relatively lower taxes are still ideologically suspect

The Real Reformer

What went on backstage in the key reform years

Shaktikanta Das: The Restorer

Shaktikanta Das has brought the ‘banking is boring’ respectability back to the Reserve Bank of India

The Economy Beyond Numbers

There is much to feel good about Modi's four years in office

Saving the 1% from Outrage

Money stashed abroad as revealed in the Paradise Papers incites passion but the reality of offshore accounts is more complex

Don’t Panic

There is no painless route to structural reforms

Economic Reforms: The Growth and Gloom Story

Beyond the magic figure of 7.6 lies the bigger challenge for the Modi Government

Why a section of India Inc can’t cope with Modi

A whisper campaign is on against the man India Inc once feted as their redeemer


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