Waiting For El Niño

Madhavankutty Pillai

India’s run of good monsoons is possibly ending because of a weather phenomenon at the other end of the planet

An English Drought

And escaping into the cloudbursts of Indian imagination

Parched Earth

Farmer protests told through one of India’s most distressed regions

The Monsoon Mantra

Welcoming the first rains in Chennai with a tribe of weathermen who have witnessed two man-made catastrophes in the past four years: the floods of 2015 and the water crisis that shut down parts of the city last month

Aurangabad Farmer: ‘Let Me Die’

Driven to desperation by debt, an Aurangabad farmer seeks government permission to kill himself

Bundelkhand: Everybody Loves a Good Pre-Election Drought

With UP polls approaching, political parties once again come courting Bundelkhand farmers, 400 of whom have committed suicide in the past year


Incentives to help farmers stay put in agriculture are a short cut, and the Centre should focus on shifting them away to lucrative avenues

Scorched Life

Haima Deshpande visits the suicide-hit districts of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra to find lives maimed by debt, disease and poverty

Harvest of Distress

The villages of Mathura, a district of stark contrasts just 155 km from Delhi, are reeling from the worst agrarian crisis in a decade

The Strange Trajectory of an Agitation

After Ajit Pawar’s urination comment, a group protesting shoddy drought relief finds unexpected momentum


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