Be Patient

Nikita Doval

Being non-Covid patients in the time of a pandemic

Doctors Jumping Borders

With the disruption in corporate hospitals, underpaid medical professionals and neighbourhood nursing homes are stepping into the breach

The Good Doctors

A riveting account of three generations of physicians in colonial Bengal who performed ordinary miracles in their daily lives

Portraits of Heroism in the Time of a Pandemic

They brave a virus to silently do their duty and keep the wheels of society moving while the rest remain safe

Carry On Doctor

The representation of illness in Hindi cinema is both sublime and ridiculous

Medical and Social Drama

Kannada author Guruprasad Kaginele's novel shows the many challenges of Indian doctors in an all-white town

As Amma Lay Dying

Jayalalithaa was imperious even in her final hours

No to the Bungalow

New God on the Block | Birthday Notes | Foreign Interest | The Governor Question | Medical Touch

The Second Opinion Market

The business of online medical consultation is taking off in India

The Aborted Clause

The likely exclusion of a crucial amendment to India’s abortion law highlights official apathy towards women’s reproductive rights


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