Svante Pääbo: DNA Hunter

Lhendup G Bhutia

The palaeogeneticist who won the Nobel overturned ideas about our ancient past

The Day of the Outsider

A deeply human account of decoding the ribosome

DNA Is Destiny

A genetic history of Indian ancestry

Genetic Profiling: Is it all in the DNA?

A Bill seeks to make genetic profiling mandatory for the fight against crime—and generates a debate about the clash of ethics, freedom, science and data

Genes and Hangovers

A person’s DNA accounts for almost half the chance of getting a headache after a booze binge

The Dwindling Y Chromosome

Why is it shrinking at such an alarming rate? And does it spell the end of men?

Inheritance of Fear

Do ancestors pass on their phobias and fears to their offspring? It is probable

Haplogroup D

M168 > YAP > M174

Haplogroup R1A1

M168 > P143 > M89 > L15 > M9 > M45 > M207 > M173 > SRY10831.2 > M17 (Set of markers that together identify the haplogroup, the changes in the Y-chromosome they indicate occurred in the order listed here)

Haplogroup L

M168 > P143 > M89 > M9 > M20


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