Independence to Republicanism

Dipankar Gupta

The contrasting styles of nationalism and citizenship

The Ideal Against the Political

The making—and the almost unmaking—of the Constitution

Three Cheers for Democracy

What matters most is not the divinity of elections but the dignity of winning as well as losing

Indira Gandhi’s Emergency

The impact has been so profound that it has become a shorthand term for almost anything that is viewed as undemocratic

The Politburo of Pieties

Pravda is being reinvented digitally to sustain the new progressivism

Hashtag Democracy

Isn’t it time for a Big Tech glasnost?

The Tragedy of Aung San Suu Kyi

Given her erstwhile alliance with the military, she will get much less sympathy from the world today

The End of the American Scream

A foreign correspondent’s journal

We Have Done It Ourselves

In praise of cooperative leadership

Pandemic Correctness

When an informed conversation is a potential threat to consensus


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