Deepika Padukone

Search Aamir

Rajeev Masand

Search Aamir • Hide and Seek • Ex Files

The Vibes of Deepika

Controlled aggression, sporting spirit and playful camaraderie. One of the guys? A superhot actress, actually

Mission Dhoom

Mission Dhoom • Heroine Wars • When ‘Good Friends’ Break up


A smart romcom with three beautiful people gets all confused once it drags Indian values in

Isolation of Priyanka

The Isolation of Priyanka • What Mystery? • The Star Who Scrammed

Race to Repentance

Race to Repentance • Jodi Breakers • Who’s the Loser Here?

Game Over

Game Over • The Missing Couple • Knife Play

Heroine Wars

Heroine Wars • Thank You, Mr Devgn • Played by Her Managers

Karthik Calling Karthik

The actors are likeable enough, but the designer psychology gives it a distinctly phoney tone.


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