The Maharajah’s New Clothes

Moinak Mitra

Air India is on the block again. Will it work?

Back to the Scorched Earth

A group of Tamil farmers made national headlines one year ago by kicking off a series of absurd protests in Delhi. V Shoba meets key characters from the landmark agitation who are back in their villages battling an unending farm crisis

Scorched Life

Haima Deshpande visits the suicide-hit districts of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra to find lives maimed by debt, disease and poverty

Diehard Debt and the Devil in its Details

Let’s face it, the Indian economy just cannot afford to give the idea of equity the go-by

Corporate India’s Looming Debt Crisis

The slowdown has strained the finances of large firms enough to soon hurt their credit ratings

Debt in Disguise?

The RBI wants equity to be equity, with no guarantee of a payback. But foreign PE firms insist on fixed returns on investments

Alas, Someone Has to Pick up the Tab

S&P had many valid reasons to downgrade US sovereign debt, the latest being an ugly political wrangle in Washington DC


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