death penalty

Law Panel Recommendations on the Death Penalty


The Commission noted that in the last 15 years, Indian trial courts have on average sentenced nearly 120 people to death annually

This Lethal Lottery

Forget the howling majority, death penalty is a denial of individual rights

The Centre insists on death for Rajiv Gandhi assassins

Argues convicts not traumatised, took part in cultural events

Life Gets a Long Rope

What the Supreme Court’s commutation of 15 death sentences at one go augurs

Give Sanity a Chance

Capital punishment for rape is a misguided response

Geelani’s Litany

On death row before he was let off, he sees a mockery of justice in capital punishment

The Death Lottery

The case against capital punishment

A Nation without Hangmen

India does not have a single active hangman today. Which should not be surprising; 300 prisoners are awaiting death.

The Hangman of Jalgaon

If Ajmal Kasab has changed his mind about being a martyr and hopes to live, tough luck. Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has secured the highest number of death sentences in the country, 37.


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