Breaching the Terror Corridor

Sudeep Paul

The ambush on April 3rd apart, Maoists seem to be on the run as India intensifies its counter-insurgency operations

Is It the End of the Road for Maoists?

The Road to Jagargunda: The Indian state’s final push in the Maoist heartland. A special report from Dantewada (Photos: Raul Irani)

The Return of God

The eleventh century Dholkal Ganesha rises from the ruins in the Maoist heartland. Rahul Pandita writes from the site of a vandalisation in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh

Conflict Zone

A requiem for the people of Bastar

How My Conscience Was Abducted in Dantewada

In the garb of social responsibility, the Essar Group recently organised a storytelling festival for the ‘benefit’ of children in this Maoist-dense area. Apart from the organisers’ poorly disguised disdain for local artistes, what emerged most starkly was the stench of corporate propaganda

Those whom Naxals Kill

While the country bellyaches about the Naxal menace, who speaks for the poverty-stricken victims out there in the wilderness?

India This Week

Looking for a Lifeline; Govt Snubs Dantewada; Erased from Congress History; Let Us Not Trifle with the Cause of Justice; Bedroom Politics, a Public Affair


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