Spare the Momo Please

Lhendup G Bhutia

A Tibetan snack that encloses varied flavours as well as memories, draws investment as much as political flak, it boasts of a culinary heritage that some trace to the Mongol Empire

French Cuisine

A full French meal has seven courses. Each course is complemented by a wine.

Scent of History

World cuisine may take you places. But reminders of the past and our own nativity lie in foods which are sadly being fast forgotten.

An Unhappy Food Story

Why it is so hard to start a good restaurant in India

World on My Plate

Chinese and Italian are now passé. The Indian foodie is chasing flavours from Austria, Uzbekistan and the Caribbean.

Tangy Twin Cuisine

Gourmets around the country are slowly waking up to the culinary charms of Karnataka’s two most prominent cuisines—Bunt and Coorgi.

The Missing Menu

Pan Asian food is the latest culinary craze in India. But cuisines from many countries have simply been ignored


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