The Anarchy of Chewing Gum

Vineetha Mokkil

A satirical take on the foibles of the British ruling class and Indian citizens, which resonates even today

The Right Honourable Holy Cow

The senselessness of a ministry for one animal in Madhya Pradesh

The Last Animal Farm

India’s biggest project in cattle innovation comes to an end. So does a colonial legacy

Bajrang Dal: A Bolder Shade of Saffron

Bajrang Dal struggles to retain its place in the vanguard of the Hindutva movement in the post-Ayodhya era (Photos: Ashish Sharma)

Non-Veg Food for Thought

The probable chain from cow protection to vegetarianism

When Cows Come Home to Die

Some of the worst casualties of the drought in south India are its cattle

Cold Storage: Akash Agarwal, 25, Founder, New Leaf Dynamic

“I was sure that our product shouldn’t be dependent on electricity or generators”

Beware the Cow Boys and Girls

Cow vigilantes come in all shades—from a man who maintains peace with Muslim neighbours to a woman who gave up a glamorous career for it

The Cows Come Home

On the well-deserved backfiring of a cowshed conference

Happy Cows and Luxury Milk

Imported grass, daily massages, swimming pools and resting beds for cows. Some dairy farmers will go to any extent to tap the growing organic milk market


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