The Ironies of Covid Mutations

With every successive wave, there will be a new variant which will dominate

How to Be Urban

Lessons from Pompeii to Angkor for the post-pandemic city

“One Leader, One Nation”

In her last years in power, even Indira Gandhi was a much diminished figure

Pathogenic Empire

Soviet China can afford to defy the world even in its Chernobyl moment

The Pandemic Lesson

The future of education is in digital infrastructure and access

The Right Thing, as Usual Late

What new guidelines that put a stop to overmedication in Covid say about Government decision-making

Federalism Unvaccinated

Ambitious chief ministers have, for now, realised their mistake. The Centre does well at macro tasks while states deliver micro ones

A Television Yoga Teacher?

He seems capable of achieving miracles which ordinary mortals can hardly contemplate


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