Understanding Dalits: Rahul’s Stepping Stones


Rahul Gandhi’s original aim, as he once said, was simply to visit the homes of the poor, regardless of caste. The poorest huts only happened to be Dalit.

India This Week

New Faces in the Prime Minister’s Office; Not Counting Chickens; Munnar, a Paradise Lost

India This Week

Is Congress putting its House in Order?; HC Judge Demoted; Trouble for BBC Anchor; Scare of the Bad Old Days; Don’t Let the Kids Chicken Out

From INC to Congress Inc.

It was a party of educated professionals once, and Rahul Gandhi wants to make it so again. But his father before him had tried, and he will succeed only if he finds a new way to do it.

Slow Pace of Fast Change

The Rahul-led Congress has been on a rollercoaster that could disorient anybody else. The young leader, however, retains his smile.

The Great Congress Reconquest

India’s grand old party is sitting pretty, notching up one electoral triumph after another. Is the long forgotten Tina—there is no alternative—factor back with a bang?

Boy Who Burst out of His Bubble

He spoke of his Dream India where everyone could dream freely. Tsk, tsk, we said. Then came the electoral tests. He lost some, won some. But now he finally has our attention.

After UP, a Congress Comeback in Bihar

The party got a big chunk of upper caste votes in the state.

It’s for Congress to Set a Dynastic Example

Jaganmohan Reddy’s CM aspirations haven’t gone down well with the Congress

It Was Neither Nehru Nor Jinnah

Neither had the power to set the agenda for the Partition. The blame lies squarely with the British empire and its representative at the time—Mountbatten.


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