Protection is Not Pleasure

Madhavankutty Pillai

On the reaction to condom ads being banned on television from 6 am to 10 pm

In Search of the Perfect Condom

Scientists in Kerala are trying to produce a condom made of graphene that will increase the pleasure and protection quotient manifold

The Rout of Rubber

Why condom sales have fallen in India

Measuring the Indian Penis

The findings of a bold research study

The Condom Songwriter

Pedulla Srinivas’s anthem against HIV is a viral sensation

Condom Madam

How one sex worker reformed a brothel in Sangli by counting condoms collected in a bucket

Confessions of a Population Control Committee Member

“Condom is such a dirty word. How could we have discussed it with strangers [in this defunct committee of wives of ministers]?”

Questions for the Average Woman

Panchkunwar Kairvat tells us more about her life and views

Questions for the Average Man

Here’s Anil Kairvat’s take on movies, extraterrestrial life and condoms

In Search of the Average Indian

We set off for what the Survey of India pinpoints as the centre of India, and found him. And her. Wondrously, they happen to be married


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