Racism in Sport

Sabin Iqbal

Beneath a tolerant façade, there are layers of prejudice based on culture and colour

A Coloured Victory

How a 21-year-old managed to get a crayon's name changed from 'skin' to 'peach'

Why Do Humans Have Such Plain Faces?

Some primates have faces that come in several colours, but those living in large groups don’t

The Colour Spinners

There’s nothing original about your colour preferences. It seems your tastes come preordained by a bunch of forecasters

A Perfect Blue

A chance discovery in a laboratory leads scientists to a blue pigment that is close to perfection.

Azure Allure

From the colonial plantations of India to the ubiquitous pair of blue jeans, indigo has a fascinating story. And artists Laura Kina and Shelly Jyoti are telling it through their show.


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