The Revision Fetish

Pallavi Aiyar

Does renaming streets or demolishing statues redeem history?

Searching for a Revolution

Aditya Sudarshan captures the identity crisis of a city which once took pride in its liberalism

The Enigma of Return

Calcutta as a place and a state of mind

Mumbai Notebook

Mumbai's famous landmarks -  Kemp’s Corner, Kala Ghoda and Opera House

A Modern City, Forever Old

Amit Chaudhuri’s window to Calcutta shows a city where incompatible things miraculously coexist

A Woman in the City

“I am here,” she says. “Get used to it”

Clip Clop Chronicles

A recent conference in Delhi drew highly professional attention to a work-related question that goes unasked in this uncaring city. What ails horses, donkeys and mules at work?


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