‘India needs to look at water, climate problems closely,’ says Joyeeta Gupta

Ullekh NP

Spinoza Prize winner Joyeeta Gupta, the first India-born scientist to secure the award that is also called the ‘Dutch Nobel Prize’, speaks about climate change and smart policies

What Lies Beneath

Why renaming cities remains an evergreen political gimmick

City Watching

Tales of aspirations and losses

Lament for a Lost City

August, the foundation month of Madras, is a time for reminiscing about the beauty that can no longer be found in Chennai

Capital Caper

Anuja Chauhan sets her whodunnit in Delhi’s toniest club

The Living Democracy

As more and more urban dwellers gravitate towards plants, what does it say about how we experience our spaces?

Shade in the City

How trees shelter and nurture us

Mumbai Mouthful

Meditative portraits of a small business in a big city

News That Stays News

A harrowing and fully realised response to toxic events arising from urban decay

Minimum Opacity

Urban reforms aren’t only about an alphabet soup of acronyms


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