A Permanent Scattering

Nandini Nair

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie mourns the death of her father

Greta Thunberg: The Crusader Kid

A Swedish schoolgirl has become the poster child of climate change conversation

As Long As…

The length of the Indian penis and other sexual matters

New Surrogacy Policy: Great Leap Backwards

India’s new surrogacy policy is a failure in all aspects of an understandably challenging social phenomenon

A Child Without a Country

Why being born inbetween cultures may not be such a bad thing

A Father at 96

Four years short of 100, Ramjeet Raghav has fathered two children. Milk and an ability to please his wife thrice every night did the trick.

Confessions of a Surrogate Mother

“I am scared that what I have done is a very bad act. God will punish me for it. It is a secret that will remain with me and my husband”

Confessions of a Nanny

“I get many job offers. But every nanny develops an attachment to the child she looks after. It is difficult to quit the job”

Childhood Aborted

A 12-year-old girl gave birth on a pavement, alone. Today, she is defined more by perceptions than by who she really is


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