The Future Is Here

Rajeev Srinivasan

CRISPR-cas9, the technology that won the 2020 Chemistry Nobel, is truly revolutionary

Fearful Symmetry

Structures once believed to be impossible but used today for non-stick pans have been honoured by this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Herbal Fuel Druid

The semi-literate ‘inventor’ of herbal petrol has a secure place in the modern Indian pantheon of conmen. After 15 year, he’s back with new tricks.

‘Scientists Don’t Work to Win the Nobel’

Born in Tamil Nadu, brought up in Baroda and now working at Cambridge, Dr Venkat Ramakrishnan on how his work on ribosomes brought him the ‘fringe benefit’ of a Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Chemical Basis of Life

This year’s Nobel in Chemistry ends a quest that began with the discovery of the DNA Double Helix


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